Forex magic biz review | pros and cons

Below, you'll find a detailed another review about one of the online forex investing companies. Please build the habit of researching any broker you find online before you join any of them.

What is forex magic biz and how it works

Be alerted that this is not a review about forex magic biz machine. It's rather a review of the company founded by an ambitious businessman from India. He not only wanted to make a successful trader out of himself, but he also wanted to help other indian beginners and advanced traders become more familiar with the huge currency market. The company is based in malaysia and india and one can open an account through the website, email or by phone. The website is relatively new but the design reflects how serious the business seems. It's called forex

What are the advantages of Forex magic biz

- Nice layout that looks suitable for a forex-like company.
- They are planning on making a seminar which might be more illustrative on how their investing features work.
- They have a brief elaborating page about the nature of forex, how it works and definitions of popular trading terms.
- They are easy to contact through their form on the website.
- Forex magic biz has four investing plans for an investor to choose from.
- the site is easy to navigate through.

What are the disadvantages of forex magic biz

- Their "about us" page does not render enough information about their business. It rather delivers a description of the owner and his life. This might confuse the aspiring trader or even drive him away.
- As people like to know about any company from its homepage, this is not being presented well in the case of forex magic biz. The main page is filled with links and images along with few words about the company owner.
- The "distributor login" form does not present a clear insight about what it means anyway. Even the registration form is not clearly presented. Some fields a regular visitor will never understand either.
- Their investing plans are not obviously explained for the average person. This could lessens credibility and raise doubts.
- The latest forex news field is empty. This could give a new investor an impression that the company is unprofessional as it adds a field that is not required or inactive.
- Their is no trading platform to download from any of the site pages. This way If i was someone willing to trade, i would have no idea what i'm dealing with on forex magic biz.

How to greatly improve forex magic biz investments

- Providing more information about how the investment work in the company's about-us page will dramatically increase its credibility and encourages visitors to react and join.

- Same thing goes with the homepage, there must be more explanation about the company and its techniques.

- Registration should be easier and each field should be briefly explained in a few words beside the field.

- There should be a whole page for each of the four forex investing plans that the website serves. It should also be explained in an easy way so that regular persons could absorb and understand.

- The forex news gadget should be filled with real news - hopefully interesting news about the company events - otherwise should be removed until further news flash coming up.

- If the company is willing to let traders do the trading on their own, there should be a platform for trading ready for download on the homepage. Otherwise company should simply declare that it's a forex managed account business.

- Seminar should be the last step of improving the companies profile. Only then, it will be easy for it to stand out and become more popular than any company with an advertising campaign in the forex arena. That's the real magic.

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