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Welcome to our Forex trading course. What makes us unique, is that we believe forex courses should never served in exchange of money. Internet is used to reach information easily, and i don't think there is any logical reason that could make Forex education is an exception. ForexTradingOnline.BIZ is proud to introduce you to the Forex market through our forex lessons in an easy and fun way of illustration.

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That's not just it, every lesson you read and finish will get you rewarded with what we call a "Forex gift". Every gift is meant to enrich your current knowledge even more in a fun way. Make sure to complete the whole forex course to be able to start trading for yourself. Once you complete the lessons, you will be ready to start online forex trading on any platform. Click on any of the gifts above to start learning right away.

Forex trading course summary

First forex lessonThe first Forex lesson will show you how Forex trading is actually not complicated as it seems. It gives example on how the concept of "trading" is implemented in real life. Lesson 1 will also identify Forex broker concept and how you definitely need to sign up for a Forex account at a broker in order to trade currencies. Another topic that will be discussed in this lesson is the risk of loss and how much of a natural process in trading is to have losing trades. Developing a state of satisfaction whether on loss or profit times makes it more easy for a trader to survive the market. Most of people who quit Forex do this as a consequence of getting intimidated by a few losses they encountered. Go to the first page of our forex lessons.

Second forex lessonForex lesson number 2 will introduce you to the forex trading platforms available online. It will then focus on illustrating the popular forex platform called MT4. This trading platform will be your friend from now on. Most of the traders on the web think it's the best free platform for forex. Readers who concentrate on studying this lesson will be able to explore MT4 features. The best benefit of this exploration process is that will get you ten times more familiar with Forex. You will get excited the more you configure more features in the platform. The good thing also is with few clicks you can actually test its features and know what they are made for yourself. Easy navigation and presentation is one of the best things about the MT4 forex trading platform. Click to go to second page of our forex trading lessons.

Third forex lessonForex trading course number 3 in our course deals with different core topics. It starts with few paragraphs about the right mindset for any profitable trader. It teaches you how to develop such mindset to be a successful investor in both short term and long run. Next topic in the lesson will take you straight to the currency pairs being traded online. Teaching you how they are being sold and bought for profit. The last subject in the lesson talks in details about price action and how its presented onto forex charts. A trader will be able to understand clearly how the world of foreign exchange rolls around. You will discover that trading forex online is much easier, faster and more flexible than buying and selling currencies offline. Go to third page of the free forex lessons.

Fourth forex lesson The fourth lesson in this forex course serves great deal of information. It's a gold mine because if you reach all the way to lesson 4, you deserve to absorb the packed knowledge on this one. It discusses price value in pips, it defines pips, it explains different types of Forex trading accounts and lots. You will be able to distinguish between different lots and how to make the most of forex leverage that makes it way more lucrative than trading stocks online. Like any other lesson in this Forex course, you will be rewarded with a great gift after finishing this lesson. By the way, from now on, you shall get to learn that gaining more pips into your account as profit is what it takes to grow your income with Forex. After reading our last page of our forex lessons for beginners, you should be ready for trading on your own.